Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everybody Must Get Stoned...

I am usually pretty good about remembering things when I ride, except for yesterday. I hit the road from my place for 3 hours of hills and tempo. About 20 minutes in I realized I left my water bottles chilling in the freezer. I quickly changed my ride plan. I decided to just go hard for an hour and a half. With a brisk headwind and some good hills I got what I was looking for, 30 miles in an hour and a half.

Today the weather gods were on our side. The forecast was calling for 70% chance of showers in the morning, yet I woke up to sunshine. I rolled into Fair Hill and did a little 5 mile warm up before the group showed up. We had a nice diverse group today, including the Proud New Dad, Peaches. Congrats to he and Amy on the birth of Ryder Forrest Thompson. Also along was Todd, who was riding his new bike, yes it was strange seeing him on that bike, Blair Blair, Leo, Kurtee, Jay Jay, Alan, Elizabeth, and Best in show. Todd laid out a nice loop, and was loving the ability to change gears at will. Me, I felt great, I am really liking the 2x1 gear, at least around here.

After the ride I set up in front of the TV with a couple of Stone IPA's and proceeded to watch the Flyers get crushed, and eliminated from the playoffs. Considering that they were dead last last year, I was happy to see them make it this far. Go Detroit.

Don't forget to register for Granogue, It is going to be a blast...


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Seamus said...

Gears? 29er? Todd? You gotta be kidding? All the things he said he'd never do.