Sunday, May 11, 2008

You Done With That Champ...

This was one of those remarkable weekends, you know the ones that are filled with good friends and good times. It all started Friday night with Dinner at Home Grown, Faticus invited Rachael and I to join him, Diane, Breyla,La, La, Wes, E-Town, PMP,Rotten, and Liz. Good beer, good food, good beer and a few good laughs.

The next day had Marc, Diane, and Rotten joining me for road ride from my place. Yeah, I know, a road ride, the fact that we got 1.5 inches of rain the day before made a road ride the only option, well except for French Creek. Ride of the day goes to Marc, who forgot his shoes. I tried to hook him up with my shoes and do a little pedal swap, but his pedals liked it just where they were. So he ended up riding my Fixed gear, wearing my shoes that were a size too big, and still killing it. Plus props to Monkey for riding well on, what I think is a tough loop.

We followed the ride up with some climbing. Despite the top roping comp, we were able to get in some quality bouldering. This as always led to dinner. The plan was Half Moon, unfortunately a lot of other people had the same plan, so we went to Newtons. This is where it got strange. First, Marc, who despite his youthful appearance is 37, he got carded. Later our trying to be cool waiter says to Marc," you done with that Champ" needless to say the champ jokes are still going strong.

Today Marc, Rotten and I rolled Fair Hill. The pace was brisk and the trails were just dandy. A beautiful end to a fun weekend.


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