Sunday, June 22, 2008

Adventure Weekend...

Since Rachael and I started going to PRG with Marc and Diane we have wanted to climb outdoors, on reel rocks. After several failed attempts, due to bad weather, we finally got our chance. The 4 of us plus Christian and his girl friend Karen made our way to Haycock for some bouldering. What made this and adventure, was none us had ever been there before. We had no guide book or even a clue as to what we would find. Hell with the exception of Christian, none of us had climbed outside.

It all started with a nice 30 minute hike, uphill, through boulder fields. I actually liked the hike, but poor Karen was wearing flip flops, to her credit she never complained.

After a while we found a place to get started. Christian got us going and before you know it we were all hitting our first ascent.

This was the second spot we found to climb. I don't think this was the intended problem, but it was within our ability.

After some more hiking we came across a really nice boulder. This one had a number of different problems on it.

I call the problem the Sweaty But Crack.

Everyone climbed really well, it was cool because usually one or more of us has a bad day. I have to say I really like climbing outside, we even have plans to scope out a few more spots close by. We all had a great day, and a great adventure. We will be back to Haycock, because we didn't even scratch the surface of this place.

Today was back to the bike. Todd led a group out of Fair Hill. We did the expert loop for the upcoming race. The pace was brisk, but not brutal. Even though I will passing on Fair Hill this year, I will be there though, I do like the course. It is good to have Todd laying it out again.

Well I have a few weeks off before the next Michaux race, hopefully I can keep some fitness, since this is the time of year I usually crack.



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JenBob said...

Jen and I (and our crashpad) have been to Nockamixon. It was ok considering the drive.

You really have to get to Hunters near State College. I know a cool place to stay with a bouldering wall in the basement if you can't get enough outside.