Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rough Week...

Things started off OK, Peaches and I did a little ride at White Clay Tuesday. The trails were rippin' fast, so even though we had planned a nice easy ride, it didn't end that way. Like Kurtee says, "like a too tight thong the speed crept up"

It was good though, I like riding my bike fast, when I can. Wednesday I headed out to Fair Hill on my own, I don't know if it was from the day before or what, but I had nothing. Actually it was worse that that, I couldn't even ride well. I was all over the place. So I shortened the loop and called it a day.

Yesterday I met up with a nice group of folks at Marc's place for the Trailspinners Poker Run at Fair Hill. First off, it was effin' hot, I mean total swamp ass hot, second, I knew with this group it would be a fast ride.
Things started off good, as they let me lead for the first hour. I tried to keep it steady, but brisk. Next E-Town took the reigns, now I was on the rivet. I was hanging on, but just barely. Finally, I cracked. I sat up and let the group go by. After a few minutes I continued on my own at a very slow pace. I was feeling bad and a little disappointed, I like being able to finish out a ride, but it wasn't going to happen this day. So I skipped a couple of sections and headed back to Marc's.
I am hoping it was just a bad week, and not the start of my mid season melt down.


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