Sunday, June 08, 2008

But It's Too Early For Swamp Ass Conditions...

Here it is only June 8th and we are in the midst of a heat wave. It has been in the mid to upper nineties, with high humidity all weekend, and looks like it will continue into next week. This hasn't stopped me from riding though. Yesterday was Fair Hill, Les and I met early and had a nice ride, yeah it was only 2 hours, but still a good ride.
Today we gathered at Jamie's place for a tour of Jim Thorpe. Joining in on the fun were, Big Ben, Marcus, Craig, the Dutch Eagle, Joe and Matt. It was scorching hot, I was hoping it would be cooler in the mountains but that wasn't the case. The trails were great today, as always, and Jamie put together a stellar loop. I even scored a prize on American Standard.

I've never owned a Swiss Army knife before. After Am. Stan. we ripped down off of Broad Mountain and hit a little stream to coll off. Man that felt good, the water must have been around 50 deg. Thanks again to Jamie for taking us around, I love Jim Thorpe.

Well I am pretty shattered so,



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