Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Embarrassing Moment...

I usually try to keep my bathroom visits private, but every once in a while you just have to go in a public place. You see I have this routine, and I don't think it comes over as quite normal. When I go to take a dump, I kind of make grunting or growling noise just before the arrival, and once I have splash down I have to flush right away. I guess it is part of me OCD. Well today was a bit of an emergency and I had no time to be picky. I was hoping for some privacy, but when I got settled into the stall, I realized I was not alone.

I tried to concentrate and not make a lot of noise, but I just couldn't help myself. I know the guy next to me must have been freaking out, but there was nothing I could do about it. Finally the guy next to me finishes up, but I waited until I was sure he was done washing up and left before I made my exit. I just hope he doesn't share his side of the story with his friends, because it is a bit embarrassing.



fatmarc said...

fucking brilliant.

robert said...

you sir, are a genius.