Sunday, July 27, 2008

Extreme Jenga...

This was a pretty full weekend for me. It all started Friday with Game Night at Les and Kathleen's. It was good time, it would have been better if Rachael could have come, but it was a late night and she had to work the next day, so she wisely stayed home. We played probably the biggest game of Death Uno I have ever been involved with, 11 all told. We also had a couple rousing games of Extreme Jenga.
Elk put a nice twist on an old favorite.

The next day Les and I headed out for a little spin around Brandywine. Les was pretty hung over, but I have to admit I liked the hung over Les pace.

Saturday afternoon Rachael and I got together with Marc and Diane for some bouldering at our secret little spot. Good stuff, some new boulders and a lot of fun.

Today was hot and steamy 4 Park ride. Les, Elk Josh and I had a great 4 Park ride. Peaches, Todd and Jay joined us for the White Clay and Middle Run portion. The ride was going nice and smooth until I crashed on one of the log rides, one I had ridden dozens of times. The rest of the day my arm was killing me, but I rode on anyway. All the trails were superb. The heavy rains earlier in the week made the trails flat out fast. I hope to get a few more 4 parkers in before the Shenandoah in a few weeks.


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