Monday, July 21, 2008

I Should Have Known, Better...

The handful of people that actually read this stuff, should know, I never have a good race when it is really hot. The Curse of Dark Hollow at Michaux was yesterday, and guess what? It was effin' hot. I thought maybe having gears would make a difference, boy was I wrong.

The day started a bit rough when I got lost on the way there and just made it in time to register and get dressed. The knee felt good and I was looking forward to this race. Out of the gate I was in a good place headed down the first down hill. Until I rolled over a big rock, got thrown a round and burped my tire. I stopped gave it a shot of air and chased. As I was hammering up the first climb I was thinking, I went out way too hard. Later on I realized, that, yes I did go out too hard.

I was still doing OK I was drinking and eating regularly, and after an hour or so I started to find a little rhythm. Then the next big climb hit, and I started to over heat. I was trying to spin a nice easy gear, but that isn't how I ride. I was starting to crack.

15 miles in I come to the 50 and 25 mile loop split. I stopped to think about it, but decided to make it to the 2nd check point at 25 miles. This was the longest 10 miles I have ever ridden. After the unbelievably steep hike a bike I was in a real bad place. I just kept thinking, that I wasn't even half way through, and I was feeling this bad.

I have to say I felt a little better on the flats and the down hills, but I would just over heat on the climbs. I was seriously thinking of pulling out when I got to the 2nd check point. When I finally got there, I was out of water, and so were they. That sealed the deal for me and I got ride back to my car. There were a lot of people looking for the same thing, so i didn't feel so bad.

So I learned some things:

1, I am not faster on gears.
2, I do not do well in the heat(I already knew that though)
3, Don't race Michaux when it is 95 deg.

I want to congratulate Les Leach for crushing the single speed class and finishing 4th over all.

Plus I want to congratulate Wes for winning not 1, but 2 national championship titles, Cross Country and Short Track. Way to go my friend.



camps said...

That hike-a-bike was a really bad idea. I felt like I needed a rope. Wish I'd known you were in distress there. Misery loves misery...

Anonymous said...

Very, VERY uncool that they didn't have water at the checkpoint. They should comp you for the next race.

Heath said...

The water station was replenished with water. A lot of people did not come prepared for the heat. This killed our water stations. I wish we would have had a tanker but roaring springs only gives us jugs of water and a keg.

Jason said...

The heat has been just brutal at many races this year. You'll be back for more I'm sure. Take care.

doug said...

The heat affected us all. I still can't believe the times of the finishers. Perhaps next time for us.

Joe Rand said...

The handful of people? Since Sam dropped her site, I come here pretty often. I split it with this and . We will have to climb and get some beers again sometime soon.