Sunday, July 06, 2008

LIke Shootin' Fish In A Barrel...

Up until yesterday I had been taking it kind of easy on the bike. Nothing over 2 hours. Yesterday was another one of our 4 Park rides. Rotten Rob and I met at Peaches' place, even though he was at the beach. We rolled into Fair Hill and picked up Todd and a very hung over Les. Despite some light rain, the trails were great. We carved out a nice section of Fair Hill before Todd and Les called it a day. Rob and I made our way through Carpenter and into White Clay. Throw in a short loop at Middle Run, then it was back to Peaches' place. A good ride.

Last night was one of my favorite cycling events. I don't even participate, just spectate. West Chester Twilight Criterium. Always a good time.
In years past we would hang out at Iron Hill and pay 5 bucks for a beer. But last year we learned from this guy how to do it right. We brought our own along with cups.
Unfortunately some of us had trouble holding on to there's.

The best part of the night was playing hipster bingo. It wasn't that hard, because there was an ample supply in town last night. And yes, I won.

Today I met up with Marc, to check out the Iron Hill course. Marc laid out a nice loop, despite having to try and avoid these people. I say screw em', but I guess we can't do that. It is none the less a fun course, I may even race it.




Anonymous said...

So I hear you and Marc will be having a beer stop at the Fair Hill race. COOL! See you there with my open hand and dry mount.

JenBob said...

I missed the WC crit? Damn! I'm missing everything this year.

I can't take all the credit for the portable beer. That goes to none other then Marcus, though I appreciate the shout out.