Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things Are Looking Up...

After a dismal week last week, I am happy to say things are looking up. For starters Marc, Diane, Rachael and myself had another little climbing adventure. This time we hit up Rocks State Park in Bel Air Md. Once again there was a bit of hiking involved, and once again someone decided to wear flip flops.

We didn't find as much bouldering, but it was a fun time and we had another adventure. We did however make a new friend.

This is Borris the spider. Or BFS.
After some hiking and climbing we made our way to White Marsh for some fine food and beverages.

This was dessert, it was called the Chunky Monkey. Those are chocolate cups filled with peanut butter, and banana custard, awesome.

After a long day and a good meal, we headed home, Marc was beat.

Today I had a good ride after work with Peaches, La La, and Jeb Bagger, and when I got home, I found these waiting for me.

In case you are wondering, you are looking at the most rare and best beer in the world. That's right, 2 Westvleteren Yellow caps and 2 Westvleteren Blue caps. E Town and I split the order, you don't want to know what theses beers cost and how much it was to ship them, but considering these are the best beers in the world, I think it is worth every penny. I will be saving them for a special occasion.



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huber said...

what makes them the best beers in the world? bj's included!?