Friday, August 08, 2008


Brian is doing great, if you ignore the peeing and pooping. Actually he is getting better.

The result of last weeks 4 Park Ride.

So far it has been a good vacation. Although I haven't relaxed a whole lot. We have taken some little trips here and there. We did hit up Beer Church. Rachael's parents, have really enjoyed that.

As for riding, I have been trying to gear up for the SM 100. I went out yesterday for a solo 4 park ride. The weather was good, the trails were good, but the legs, not so good. My plan was 40 miles, I did manage that, but it took longer than I wanted. I was on the Mamasita though. Today we are off for a couple days of climbing with Wes in State College, we are both looking forward to it. Then Sunday is another 4 Park ride, this time I am looking for 60 miles, I just hope the rest of the group is thinking the same way.

Time to take out the puppy,



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robert said...

i'm happy w/ 60 as long as you don't f-ing blow me up in the first 2 hours again!