Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nearly, Perfect Weekend...

The weather was the best I have seen all summer. The activities were simply awesome, and the people I shared them with are my favorite in the world. The only flaw was a flat tire on our way to State College.

Friday morning Rachael and I met Marc and Diane in Lancaster and headed out to meet up with Wes, for some bouldering. The place is called Hunters just outside State College.
This was only the 4TH or 5TH time we have been outside, but it was definitely the best.
It seemed like this place was made for climbing, great boulders and nice flat landings.
This wasn't the only top out I made, but it was the only one I flashed. It felt pretty damn good, yes it is pretty effin' high.
This was a really cool boulder, it was pretty small, but definitely not easy.

After a couple of hours on Saturday, it was time to head home.

Today was yet another 4 Park ride. A nice group rolled out of Matt's place. This time we hit Fair Hill first. Matt set a nice steady pace, and know I didn't push said pace. After a long loop around Fair Hill, and a short beer stop, we made our way to White Clay. I can't speak for anybody else, but I felt frickin' awesome. The goal was 60 miles. We rolled into Matt's with a much smaller group than we started with and just a little shy of our goal. But I will take 57 miles any day.

Next week is an easy week for me, no big rides. I hope this does me good for the SM 100.

Beer Time,




sam said...

That's so awesome. I can't boulder for shit. I like ropes.

huber said...

i like bouldering!

JenBob said...

Hunter's is awesome! Glad to see you finally made it up there.