Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Much For Taking It Easy...

My plan to ride easy this week was working well. A few short, easy solo rides early in the week. Yesterday I met up with Rotten Rob, his brother Eric and Nathan, a friend from college. We did a nice long loop of White Clay and Middle Run. It was kind of strange because Eric was on Peaches bike and Nate was on my Salsa. The ride was steady but mellow. Just what I was looking for. Today I was looking for something different. I had been riding the shit out of White Clay and Fair Hill and needed a change. I was thinking French Creek, Les the International Man of Mystery suggested Wissahickon, I was in. I hadn't been to Wiss, in a long time, so I was excited. From what I remembered it was Steep climbs and rough bombing descents. Lucky for me my Reba was in the shop getting some love. So rigid it was.

The ride was great. We started at Jimmy Z's place and headed out to meet Big Bush and Porno Pete. On the way we came across a sight you won't see around here to often. Laying under a bridge was a body covered with a white sheet and a couple of cops waiting for, I am guessing a coroner. The guys I was with were kind of like, That's a shame, let's ride. I guess dead bodies in Philly isn't that uncommon.

I had a blast riding these trails, despite having no suspension and a big gear. Just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention I felt pretty good today, hopefully this carries through to the SM100.



sam said...

Where was the body!? You should just be glad that it already had the sheet over it when you got there. I would assume being the one who discovers the body would have delayed the ride and been a big pain in the ass.

Too bad you didn't swing by Livezey in the Wis, Elk and I were climbing. Yep, ELK was climbing.

Buddy said...

You would have to ask Les or Jimmy Z, I really don't know my way arouns there so i have no idea where the body was.

I did notice some nice bouldering problems along one of the bike paths, again not sure which one.

Nathan said...

Good riding with ya and thanks for letting me borrow the bike. Definitely let me know if you're ever out west, I'm always up for a shred.