Friday, August 15, 2008

Queit Time...

Sadly Rachael's parents have gone home. We both miss having them around. It's amazing how quickly you adapt to a change in your routine. We had a lot of fun even if we didn't do a whole lot. So now it is quiet time. I am even having an easy week on the bike, no big rides and no hard rides. With Brian around we are far from relaxed. One of us is always on pee patrol, I have forgotten how hard house breaking can be. One thing is for sure, Brian's bladder works well, almost a little too well. We are hoping to get him into a routine, that will make the whole process easier.

I have done a couple of easy rides but really nothing worth getting into. I am looking forward to riding with Rotten Rob tomorrow, he has his brother and a friend from out of town, I always enjoy riding with new people.

Sorry for the lame post, look for some beer reviews soon,

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robert said...

Really enjoyed the ride saturday, even if it was mellow mellow. My brother had a great time, really likes MR/WC. I guess we take our nicely groomed beginner trails for granted sometimes.