Sunday, December 14, 2008

On The Road Again...

I have managed to avoid riding my road bike for almost 9 months. Not a bad streak. It all came to an end yesterday. With the recent 2 inches of rain and warmer temperatures, the trails are way too wet to ride. So, yesterday I hopped on the road bike and headed out. I found no takers to join me, and when I made my first right turn I knew why. The head wind was brutal, and it just seemed it shift into my face the whole ride. After an hour and a half I finally hit the road along the river where things were a lot more calm, but the damage was done. I was cold and little tired from fighting the wind, and lets face it, it is the middle of December. I decided to cut out the last part of the loop and head home.

Last night was climbing with the return of Marc and Diane, fresh off there successful cross season. It was good to climb and grab dinner with them again.

Today I just hit the Laurels on the Carver for short ride. Nothing exciting, but it was a ride.

I want to congratulate Jeffery, aka Jeb for his second Cyclocross national Championship and hes only 15.

Plus Katie took her 5Th straight National title. Nice job guys.

Tome for more beer and football.

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