Tuesday, December 09, 2008

You Should Have Been There...

This past Saturday started off like any other weekend ride. A few of us rolled out of Matt's house and headed for White Clay, where we picked up a bunch more. Before you know it we have a great group, Rotten Rob, Keith G, and Ted Logic rode in with Matt and I. We picked up DenS, John W, Les, BLR and Kurtee. The trails were frozen and provided super hero traction. We rolled just about every trail in the 2 parks, before the thaw and slop started.

In the end Matt, Keith, Rob and myself rolled back to Matt's house, to reflect on what was probably the best ride ever. Which is a good thing, because we might not see trails again for a while, if the weather forecast is right.

Time for a trip to the Half Moon.

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Mark said...

What did you drink, post ride?