Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Solid Week...

I've spent a few days working at the shop, and a few days riding. It was a pretty good week to be out on the mountain bike. I actually managed just one road ride, that was really a work out. Tuesday was good, the trails were nice and tacky providing plenty of super hero traction. I met up with Rik, Jeb, Wes, and Tom for the second half of my ride, good times indeed. I blew off Thursdays work out, I just felt like crap. Saturday was another trip to Brandywine. Les led us a round another stellar loop. After a couple of recovery drinks, it was home to get ready for climbing. Climbing has been great lately, the addition of Jen and Bob has been fun. Plus I think we all have been climbing well.

Today was a romp through Fair Hill from Marc's place. A nice pace for 3 hours is always a good time. Marc put together a great loop, and even managed to keep things civilized, for the most part anyway. I think the key to a good 3+ hour mountain bike ride is a well timed beer stop.

After a quick lunch and a shower, Rachael and I made a trip to Church. Not just any church, but Beer Church. Now we are enjoying the benefits of such a trip.

Until Next Time,

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