Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rest Week My Ass...

So, I have been working pretty hard this off season, hoping for a good race season. This week was a much needed rest week. I didn't ride until Wednesday, and that was an easy ride. In fact I didn't do much except eat and drink beer. by Saturday I was itching to ride, so I met up with Slick Rik and iPaul for a trip around Brandywine. The trails were in great shape and between Paul and Rik we were riding a nice loop. Not long into the ride we picked up Johnny Williams. I was feeling pretty good after not riding a whole lot all week, but I was trying to save some for today's 4 park ride. We ended yesterday with over two and a half hours of rocky single track bliss.

Matt put together a 4 park ride from his house. The promise of beer at the end brought out a nice big group. I won't try to name them all, but there were some new faces, and some old faces. I have to say I was stoked to have Marc on the ride with us. I don't get to ride with as much as I used to.

We hit Fair Hill first, Peaches was setting a pretty brisk pace early, and I wasn't feeling all that good. Things did come around for me though. I guess it was some time after the beer break when my legs woke up. I some how ended up on the front coming up Horse Jump. Let me say I hate coming up that trail, so I just wanted to get it over with. I guess I got a little carried away. Oh Well, it's nice to know some of my hard work is paying off.

We made our way to White Clay, hit up a small loop around Middle Run then made a B Line for Matt's, there was beer waiting for us after all. I have to give props to Todd for bringing some really good chicken chili, and thanks to Amy for putting up with us and also making some really good chili and rice crispy treats.

In all we rolled out 42 miles, in well under 4 hours. I hope this is a good sign leading up to the Cohutta 100.
Well I need more beer and more couch.

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