Monday, April 20, 2009

Bakers Dozen...

I have done quite a few team endurance races, most of them with Marc and Matt, so when Marc mentioned getting the band back together I was pretty excited. I loved the course and the venue, plus it was a 3 man team instead of the 2 man death march.

We made our way to Leesburg and the idea of winning on our minds. The competition was pretty stiff, but I thought we were up to it. With our formula and support network, we usually have a slight edge.

The plan was simple, we each do 2-3 sets of double laps, then switch to singles. Of course the was our undoing. We all thought it was a good plan, the problem was our second laps were a few minutes slower than the first, so we kind of dug ourselves a hole. Despite every effort from all 3 of us we just couldn't dig our way out. Even though we came a bit shy of our goal, I was happy and proud of all our efforts. I know every one of us left it all out there.

Going into my last lap, which was the last lap of the race, Marc told me some one was chasing hard, I needed one more hot lap. I moaned and groaned then took off. The legs came around a little and a found a nice rhythm. Then I noticed a light behind me and closing. I muttered a few choice words, gritted my teeth and gave a little more. I passed a few people and kind of lost track of the chaser, but not for long. The rider was about 30-40 seconds back, and every once in a while would close the gap a bit. I lost track of where I was on the course, I just kept pushing. Then I saw the river and I knew it was only a couple of miles to the finish and there was no way I was going to let this guy catch me. Finally I came out of the woods with only half a mile to go, I didn't dare let up. Once I saw the finish I looked back and breathed a sigh of relief, I had held them off. A few seconds later the chaser came in, I let out a, " are you kidding me" It was Chris, who was racing for Tom on a team not in my class. We shared a laugh, and went back to camp for a much needed beer.

4th place was still pretty damn good out of 60 some teams, plus it was a shit load of fun racing with Marc and Matt again. Something tells me, not for the last time either.

I want to Thank Tom and Jimbo for there tireless support, we couldn't have done it with out them.

Now I just have to shake this cold before Cohutta on Saturday.


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