Monday, April 06, 2009

Yet Another Use For Dental Floss...

This was supposed to be a moderate week on the bike, but when the opportunity to ride Jim Thorpe came up I had to jump on it. Besides, the Cohutta 100 is less that 3 weeks away. I met up with Elk and Les and we made our way to JT, where we picked up the Dutch Eagle. Elk had a 7 hour ride in mind, I was looking forward to see if I am even close to ready for the Cohutta or not. Elk and Dean made sure we hit all the good trails yesterday. We covered 3 mountains, in our time out there, we suffered a few tire inflation problems and a bent chain ring, but nothing to serious.

I watched the Dutch Eagle do one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the side of a trail. Elk had a pretty good rip in his side wall, so we stopped, booted it and rolled on. Later in the ride the rip got a little bigger and Elk pinch flatted. This is when the Dutch Eagle stepped in. This man spends a lot of time in these mountains and has learned a few tricks for fixing things, plus he carries a little of everything with him. He whips out a needle and some dental floss and sews the rip back together, throw in a boot and some duct tape and we were rolling through the rocks again with know more issues. In the future I can see a little, light, easy to carry tire repair kit in my Camelbak.

Thanks for a great ride, Bring On Bakers and Cohutta.

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Jim said...

Nice! Few things make a good of a combination as bikes and beer. Thought you might like our bottle opener... it's made from real recycled bike chain. You can see it here:

Thanks for the cool blog.