Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rocks, Beer, and Bear...

I have been an electrician for 21 years, and I have never had off Good Friday. Until this year, my new job has lots of paid holidays, I guess it make up for the less money. This Friday I went With Les to French Creek, joining us was Marc and Jeb. The trails were in pristine shape, and we damn near rode them all.

After screaming down Millers Point it was Miller Time.

It may have been the best French Creek ride ever. Les continued his brilliant thinking by suggesting Victory for lunch, after a good bit of arm twisting I was on board. Nothing like good wings, OK food, and awesome beer, Wild Devil on tap, MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Yesterday it rained all day so no riding. Last night was climbing, unfortunately Rachael is waiting on some foals so she couldn't make it. The rest of us went to the Half Moon, the wild game burger was Bear, by far the most distinct if all there wild game flavors and one of my favorites. Wash it down with some Nugget Nectar, and all is well.

Today I wasn't sure what ride I was going to do, until Les called. I met him for a ride at Brandywine. The trails were surprisingly dry considering all the rain we had. The highlight of the ride, hell the highlight of my year was cleaning the trail we affectionately call The Rocky Death Climb. Not I only did I make it for the first time ever, I have never even come close before. The best part is Les cleaned it too, this is a very rare occasion, I don't think there has been a ride where two people cleaned this trail, let alone both on single speeds. I don't care if I ever clean it again, at least I did once.

Happy Easter



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