Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still Not There...

I can't tell if it is lack of motivation or the weather, but I am having a tough time getting back on track. I am hoping that the IMBA festival down at Shenandoah this weekend will jump start things for me. It should be a great time. I did manage a couple of good rides this week, but I really need to get out more. Yesterday was a great ride from Marc's place, nice group along with a slightly spirited pace, made for a good time.

For the second weekend in a row Rachael and I have made it to the movies, then to Victory for dinner, a winning combination if I ever heard. Last week it was Wolverine, we both loved it. This week it was Star Trek, another great movie. The only thing I don't get is why some people clap at the end of a movie. I mean its not like the cast is there to accept this appreciation. Call me crazy, but I think its silly.

Hopefully I have a bit more to write about soon,

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JenBob said...

movies are good. We saw Wolverine too. Jen liked it. I was only sort of impressed.

This morning we went to see Terminator, which I was very impressed with. Nice combination of action and emotion - at least from my point of view.

I also picked up a case of Laughing Dog IPA. That stuff is good!