Monday, June 01, 2009

Ride Or Race...

My choices for Sunday were, go to Iron Hill and do the 4 hour endurance race, that's 4 hours around the same 5 mile loop. Go to Iron Hill and do the expert race, that started at 2:00 PM. Or meet up with Matt and the boys for a 4 park ride. I think you know what choice I made. We had a great group roll out of Matt's, Les, Kurtee, Michigan Matt, and myself. We picked up Marc, Bike Line Rich and Leo a little later.

As always, it was a great ride, we changed it up a bit by hitting White Clay first. We are usually pretty cooked by the time we get there, so we don't do much of loop, just enough to make it a 4 parker. This may have been the Best 4 Park ride ever. It wasn't our longest, but it was a great loop. followed by beers, and burgers.

Things are pretty quiet now, not in a bad way. I'm just hoping they get things sorted for the Stoopid 50 in 2 weeks.


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