Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking Advantage...

With every job there are some advantages and disadvantages. My current job has many disadvantages, it's hot, dirty and the pay isn't that great, but it also has it's advantages, the works not real hard, I have lots of paid holidays, and Rachael and I can ride the train for free. Since she had a very rare weekend off we decided to take advantage of the latter. We made our way the the Wilmington station and headed down to DC for the day. The ride down was nice, that is until we had to take the Metro. Hot and crowded, enough said.

While in DC we hit the Air and Space museum.

I thought the drone planes were bad ass.

After fighting through those crowds we both needed something to eat. Easier said than done. We finally found a cafe in a museum and had a couple of dried out cold grilled chicken sandwiches, which cost an arm and a leg.

Next up we decided on the American History Museum. Again it was crowded, and hard to get to any of the exhibits.
Archie Bunkers Chair, classic...
By now we were both ready to head home. We fought our way onto the Metro one last time and made our way to the Amtrak station. Since I am an employee and Racheal is my spouse, we have I.D. badges, we just walked up the the Acela line, flashed the badge, and we were on our way home in style.

It was amazing how much faster that train is, we were back in Wilmington in 1:05. Since we were a bit early we decided to head to Buckley's for a bight to eat, Les and Kathleen joined us.

Today was a 4 park ride with a twist, we rode from Rotten Bob's place. We had a nice big group which included Keith aka Bobby's boy, Les, Rob, Nick, Michigan Matt, Ben, Leo, and Jay. Good loop, but I wasn't feeling it. In fact lately, my legs have felt pretty heavy, and I don't seem to have any speed, or power. I know I don't need time off, since it rained every day in June almost, but I am at a loss.

Oh Well, there is always beer.



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