Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner Club,and The Smack Down...

Good week last week. Friday night we had Dinner club at our place. Rob and Liz joined Rachael Wes and myself for some home made burgers and a fine pasta salad. We per took in a few beverages then watched some of the tour. Liz approved of my burgers.
Saturday I only got in a quick ride, I was trying to save my energy for Sunday's 4 park ride.
Les put out the 4 parker idea and brought his buddies down from Philly to join in on the fun.

Theo, Porno Pete, Big Bush and Josh came out to enjoy Fair Hill, White Clay, Middle Run and Carpenter with us. This was the first of many beer stops. In fact I think we had 2 in the first 2 hours, but who's counting.

I was feeling pretty good through most of Fair Hill, but as always the heat started to take its toll on me. I didn't crack or have any stomach issues, but I certainly ran out of spunk.

On our way back from Fair Hill the group got split up, Josh, Theo and myself waited at the water stop for a while, then headed back to the cars, where we found the rest of the guys sitting under a tree enjoying some beverages. They were heading back out, I called it a day. It was getting late, and it was really effin hot.

No racing for a couple of weeks, Not sure if I am staying local, or trying something different. We'll see.



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