Monday, August 03, 2009

A Taste of Something Different...

I am always up for riding somewhere different, so when I got the chance to hook up with Chris and ride Potapsco, I jumped all over it. Despite a dismal weather forecast we went for it anyway. I made good time getting to Chris' house and we were on the bikes by 9:00am. Awesome trails down there, and Chris is pretty lucky to have that park practically in his back yard.

The first part of the ride was nice smooth rolling trails, the second part was knee buckling steep climbs and wet root and rocks, needless to say I really enjoyed the second part.

At one point we rolled up to a cliff face lookout. Someone had been there not long before us and must have left in a hurry because they left there bowl, lighter, weed and a 10oz. Coors light. We are not sure if they partied a bit too hard and fell over the edge or just absentmindedly wandered off. We left there stuff there just in case they came back.

The trails were starting to get a bit slick towards the end of the ride but for the most part were nothing more than wet. And of course the sun came out when we hit his driveway.

Where to next?

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Anonymous said...

No W101 for you this year??