Monday, September 28, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

When Rachael and first started looking for houses, we both a greed that we didn't want to do a whole lot of work. I guess things never work out quite the way you want. Turns out we have a few projects. The first big one is the new fence, which we are hiring someone to do. Next was the shed floor.

Half of the existing floor was rotted out. Since I am an electrician and not a carpenter, I called my Friend iPaul. Saturday morning we, mostly Paul, ripped up the bad floor. Then we rolled out of here, met up with Slick Rik, and had a nice ride around White Clay and Middle Run.

Then it was back to my place and off to Lowes.

It was a mess, but Paul was able to put it back together. And don't tell anyone, but he works for Pizza and Beer.Now my lawn mower has a stable home. Thanks a lot Paul.

Next up a new fence. Stay tuned.




JenBob said...

pretty soon you'll need a whole other blog for your house projects

sam said...

Does Paul build roof decks? We've got good pizza around here...