Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another Project Underway...

First off Sunday marked the first Official Anti-Cross ride of 2009. Todd, Keith, Les, Kurtee, and John showed up for a great ride at Fair Hill. Todd led us on a great, but hilly loop. There was plenty of good talk and the trails were fantastic. Along the way we ran into Stew. Stew has Lyme really bad. He is on the mend but it had gotten into his spinal cord, his face was even paralyzed. Everybody send your best wishes to Stew having a speedy recovery. After a beer break we rolled on. When we got to the covered bridge, Todd, Kurtee, and John called it a day. The rest of us rode for another 45min. to an hour. Really good time. Stay tuned for the next Anti-Cross ride.

Now to the current project. This is the old fence. This is no fence.
This is soon to be new fence.
Lucky for me we hired someone to put it up.
To be continued...

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JenBob said...

it's kind of funny seeing you guys with a house on a regular street and neighbors. Looks like it's all going well for the six of you.