Monday, September 07, 2009

Where Did All This Stuff Come From...

During this whole moving process, we have managed to get rid of a ton of shit. One trip to the dump, several bags of clothes and a couple of TVs donated, and we still have a lot of shit. Its amazing how much one can accumulate in 5 or 6 years. Things are moving fast, despite a few glitches it looks like we will be settling and moving Thursday. Its going to be a busy day.

We had to pass on our original plans this weekend. We were supposed to be at Wes and Reagan's wedding in State College. Congratulations to them both. Instead we were packing and getting ready for Thursday. I did however manage a solid weekend of riding.

Saturday was French Creek. We hit just about all of it, for a nice 3 hour ride. Yesterday I met up with Chuck, the guy that helped Rachael get her new job, for a 2 hour ride at White Clay and Middle Run. I capped off the weekend with a 4 park ride from Matt's place. A solid 4.5 hours of a nice steady pace. All good rides, but still not as much riding as the SM100.

Theses next few days are going to be a bit frantic, I just hope things go a bit smoother the rest of the way.



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