Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally A Chance To Ride...

The whole house buying thing has been sucking up all my time lately, so riding has been scarce. It seems there is some pressing issues everyday, whether it is documents to sign and fax, phone calls to make, packing and patching the walls. Friday I took care of everything I could. Yesterday Peaches brought over a dump truck and we filled it with crap and went to the dump. But today I was invited to ride Michaux. I have raced Michaux countless times, but I have never just gone there for a ride.
I was supposed to meet Elk, but him and Josh had car trouble on the way out and had to bail. Luckily I knew the rest of the Cupcake riders. Between Buck and Tomi we rode an awesome loop. The majority of the trails were not in any of the races. Joining us was Keith aka Bobby's boy, Old Man Withers, Travis, Cheryl, Lee, Pete, Dustin, and doctor John.
That ridge in the distance was where we were headed.
That ridge in the distance is where we were.

A nice place for a break. Since I haven't been riding much this ride hurt. I wasn't doing very well on the climbs towards the end. But I had a great time. I hope to make a few of these rides in the fall. Thanks for having me today guys/




Anonymous said...

Feel the frustration. House selling and then buying plus job change has zapped my season. Good thing it's about fitness and personal goals.

Travis said...

It was a good ride. There will be a birthday ride the weekend after the race. So if you can make it down...