Sunday, November 01, 2009


I have been an Eagles season ticket holder for 11 years now. In those 11 years I have met and hung out with all kinds of different people. I also know several people that are, or have battled that dreaded disease, cancer. Today I met a woman from South Carolina, who is dealing with terminal lung cancer. After only a brief conversation, I came to admire this lady. She has not only come to grips with her fate, but she is doing her best to live every day to it's fullest. I have worn a yellow Live Strong bracelet for the past 5 years without ever taking it off. I gave it to her, hoping she could maybe find a little more inspiration. She shed the slightest tear and gave me a hug. I came away just hoping a miracle could find its way to her. The make a wish foundation gave her the opportunity to see her favorite team play, and they did not disappoint. the Eagles crushed the Giants today. I didn't get to see her after the game, but I know she had the time of her life.

After seeing a few friends battle this dreaded disease, I learned things are never that bad. It seems silly to let little things get to you when others are fighting for there life. I hope everybody that has to or is dealing with this awful disease, has some good fortune come there way. God knows they deserve it.

Go Phils,

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