Sunday, November 15, 2009

Worse Flat Ever...

Finally the weather around here broke and we had two days in a row with no rain. Yesterday the ground was still pretty wet, so I went out on a short road ride. Later in the day Rachael and I went to Delaware Natural History Museum. They currently have a pretty cool exhibit, the Super Croc.

Really impressive up close.

Today while most folks around here went to Fair Hill, I made my way west to Lykens. Some of the best riding around. I met up with Keith G, Tomi, Buck, Old Man Withers, Bender, and a few other locals for a sweet ride. Lykens may be one of my all time favorites. Plenty of rocks a few tough climbs, but mostly rolling.

The ride was going well, until I shredded my sidewall. I ripped it from bead to tread. Never ride Bontrager tires in central PA. I pulled out a tube, took a boot from Bender and tried to fix my tire. Turns out I had a bad tube. Keith gives me one of his, while pumping it up with a hand pump, the valve stem broke off. So, Keith gives me his other tube, note to self, always bring more than one tube to central PA. I finally got the tire inflated and we rolled on. It wasn't long after we stopped and I realized the boot needed to be re-situated, so I let the air out again and set the boot. By now a lot of time had passed, my intention was to be back at the car by 1ish, so I had to bail on the last 5 miles of trail and take the road back. It was still and awesome ride. If you have never been to Lykens, you don't know what you are missing.

I am hoping to have a good week on the bike. My trip to Mt. Washington is coming fast, so I need to build a little fitness. Lets hope the weather is on our side this week.



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JenBob said...

yeah. build that fitness so you can drag my ass up