Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Was Good While It Lasted...

Getting out on the mountain bike has been almost impossible around here. With the nearly 2 feet of snow one week, then 2 inches of rain the next. the snow is gone but a whole lot of mud is left. Until yesterday when the temps dropped and the trails froze. I made my way to White Clay/Middle Run after work for 2 hours of frozen trail goodness. I can't remember the last time the trails were solid and fast. It was sweet.

Tonight I met the boys for a almost year end ride. I was supposed to play paintball, Then ride, but I had to wait for our new mattress to be delivered instead. No matter, it was a good group and fast trails. Super Hero traction was thrown around a few times tonight. Barring a couple of flats, it was a great ride.

After we went to Timothy's for half price burgers and some tasty beverages. Now we are looking at a few more days of rain. I can't believe we are getting more rain, but it is the story of the year around here.

Hoping for more frigid temps,

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