Tuesday, January 05, 2010

AHHH...That's Better...

I went from being a miserable asshole because I couldn't ride to a guy who is exhausted from trying to make up for it in a week. It seems like Old Man Winter has settled in nicely around here so now our trails are all frozen solid.

There is something special about frozen trails, they seem to have more grip that usual, they seem faster than usual, it could just be perception, but who cares, it just means I can ride my mountain bike. In fact I was able to get out to ride 6 out of the last 8 days, and there is no warm up in sight. The only down fall is that I can only handle a couple of hours, maybe 3, but then it just gets too cold for me, my feet just freeze.

I have also been getting out with a few guys from work and playing Paintball. Its a lot of fun and a good way to release some pent up aggression. It does kind of hurt in the winter though.

Well, not much else going on. Things around the house have slowed down since the holidays, but I have a feeling it will pick up again soon.


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Fat Lad said...

paintball bloody well hurts in the summer too.

Not been out on my steed for two weeks now. I think Mrs Fat Lad is ready to kill me...

and lastly the 'Word Verification' for this comment was 'wordshg' that really made this simpleton smile :)

Fat Lad