Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making The Best Of It...

The 43.5 inches of snow we received in a 4 day span has put a damper on riding. Since I am anti-trainer, it's been tough to build some fitness. The other day I decided to go for a snowy hike and try out my newly acquired mountaineering boots.
Rachael suggested I take Brian with me, I thought, little dog, deep snow, bad combination, but he's tough so I took him along. It was tough going, but he didn't mind at all.

This is where the trail head is supposed to be, up and over.

Yesterday I went to K Man's place for a mountain bike road ride. Mike was shooting for 3 hours, throw in John Cleary, and it was going to be a tough ride. I had nothing but shovel snow lately, so I wasn't expecting much. I was surprised that I felt OK for the most part. That is until the snow drifts on Greenlawn. For those in the area, you know Greenlawn is a tough climb in great conditions, now cover it with snow. About 2/3 of the way up we hit the drifts. We could have turned around, but decided to hike through.

It was over knee deep for a couple hundred yards, by far the hardest part of the ride. It was good to get out no matter how shattered I was at the end.

Last night Rachael and I revisited the old neighborhood. We went to PRG to climb. I really miss that gym, so much that I would rather drive all the 30+ miles to Coatesville to climb than the gym 8 miles away. After climbing we went to Victory for dinner and Hop Wallop cask, so good.

Today was another mountain bike road ride. This one was local and with a different group. After yesterday's ride I was hoping for flat and mellow, that was how the first hour went, then it was, who can get to the top of the hill first. As bad as I felt, it was still a good ride. Followed by and awesome brunch at Kildare's.

Now it's time for homemade Buffalo burgers, and a growler of Victory's new Brown Ale.



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Chris said...

I had the Hop Wallop on Sunday at Frisco down here...agreed, it was fantastic!