Sunday, February 21, 2010

Melt Baby, Melt...

The snow is slowly melting, and roads are now clear enough for riding. After this weekend one thing is for sure, I have a long way to go, before I am in anything that resembles shape. Before all the snow I was starting to feel like I was coming around, then 9 days off the bike really set me back. Hopefully we are done with snow around here. They are calling for rain tomorrow and Tuesday. It should get ride of the snow, but where will all that water go?

Yesterday I met up with Steve for a nice easy 2-2.5 hours on the road. It was a nice loop and we didn't push the pace, but there were a few hills I could have done without, all in all a really good ride, felt good to be back on a bike.

Today I was supposed to ride with Peaches, but he was having pain from his recent loss of manhood, so he bailed. K Man and Jay Jay showed up. We decided to head into the hills of Landenburg to stay out of the wind. Again the pace was mellow, but my legs were feeling it from yesterday. But it was another good ride. Hopefully I can now start to build on this weekend and get some consistent riding in. The first race for me is April 3rd, which isn't that far off.

Time to hit the recovery drinks.

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Beginner Cycling said...

Last weekend was the first in a while that I've been able to get out on my road bike. Now, we're back to snow. I am ready for spring to get here -- or at least for no more snow!