Sunday, March 07, 2010

Let The Sun Shine In...

After a tough winter, we finally had a couple of nice days in a row. I just wish Rachael was feeling better and could have enjoyed them. Turns out she needed surgery, and had it done on Friday. The surgery went well, but she is in a lot of pain, and has had an upset stomach to boot. This makes it tough to take pain meds, since you shouldn't take them on an empty stomach. Her friend Karen brought over a care package today. Rachael was able to eat a little, and chug down a couple of Pedia Sures. Hopefully she is turning the corner with the upset stomach.

I was hoping to ride 5 days this week, well that didn't happen. I did meet up with L Webb on Tuesday. The ride was going well until it started raining, the last 45 minutes were cold and miserable. We headed out again Thursday, this time Amazin' Andrew joined us. Andrew is coming of a 3 year break. I am happy to see him riding again.

Today was a nice group led by Matt's step dad Charlie. Charlie leads some awesome rides out into Lancaster county, and you can always count on a few tough climbs. Today was know exception. I have to say I expected to suffer a lot more today, but I actually felt OK, maybe even good a couple of times, like the time we had a 30+ mph pace line going. We were having so much fun we blew by the turn, a little extra is good for you this time of year.

Well it is time to hit the recovery drinks.

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