Monday, March 01, 2010

Well I'm Glad That Week Is Over...

Last week kind of sucked. Between the weather and the lack of riding I was pretty miserable. Work has been absolutely horrible. Not to mention the worst part was Rachael severely dislocating her shoulder on Saturday. For those of you who know Rachael, know sitting still and taking it easy are not in her nature. So the past couple of days have been tough for her. She has to keep her arm in a sling and immobile for 2 weeks, yeah right. It may even require surgery, let's hope not.

There were a couple of bright spots, we got a cool new stove. Which considering our old one was about 20 years old was totally necessary.

I even got out for a nice road ride yesterday. I am hoping to get in 5 days of riding this week, fingers crossed. My first race is only a month away, yeah, I am not going to be ready for that.

Other than that, all is well.
At least I have plenty of beer, and next weekend to look forward to. Dropkick Murphy's in Boston the weekend before St. Patty's day. Should be one hell of a party.


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Fat Lad said...

Every time the Murphy's play the UK tickets are as rare as rocking horse shit - Have fun on my behalf and by way of international punk/ska swappage I give you leeds punk band "the dead pets" :

Fat Lad