Monday, May 31, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Usually by this time of year I'll have several 4 Park rides in the books. Since this has been a bit of an off year for me, yesterday was the first one. Marc led a nice group from his house, Keith, Bad Andy, Steve, Matt M., Michigan M, James, Fuzzy, Ted, John and we picked up Dennis in White Clay. It was hot, and Marc was laying down a pretty good pace. It took a while for the legs to come around, but eventually I started feeling OK. We ripped through the middle of Fair Hill, then made our way to Carpenter where we had our first stop. I was just looking forward to a beer stop. Marc decided on the log ride at the top of the possum hollow loop. We got there and I had a moment of panic. I gave Ted and Fuzzy 2 of the 3 beers I had for the ride, and we had gotten separated from them. Luckily they found us and we were able to enjoy a few beverages on a hot day.

It was about time to head back so we left Middle Run and rode through White Clay and then back through Carpenter. Another water stop before the second part of Fair Hill, and it was a b line back to Marc's, for more beverages.

To say I needed that would be an understatement, it was long over due. In the end we racked up 40 miles with just over 12 mph average, that might explain why I was a bit tired afterward.

I have also been riding the Iron Hill course. Ben has done a nice job and thrown in a few surprises. After riding a few laps, I am leaning towards doing the enduro. A good chance to get in 4 hours of tempo, but we'll see.


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