Monday, May 24, 2010

Dirt Fest...

This past weekend was Dirt Rag's Dirt Fest. A chance to celebrate the first mountain bike specific trail system in the country. 2 years ago I made my way out there to help with trail work, and trail evaluation. My how the trails have improved since then.

I was joined by Ben and Rob, plus 698 other mountain bikers.

The trails are built around Raystown Lake, which helps make it a beautiful place to ride. The trails themselves are absolutely incredible. Really fast and flowing, with a few bumps to make it interesting.

We rolled into the campground Friday afternoon and wasted no time getting on the bikes. We had a great ride on very well marked trails. We even ran into Kim and Bill out enjoying the trails. After a couple of hours it was time to start drinking, wait a minute, I did that before the ride.

Saturday we had a nice big breakfast then made our way to the Demo area. It was good seeing folks I hadn't seen in a while, Jimbo, Frank, Justin, Plus countless others. Wes came down from his parents to ride with us, he also brought Bill Alcorn and Matt Ferrari rode 50 miles from State College to join us. Lucky for me they let me lead for most of the ride, otherwise I would have been gone on the first climb. I have to say though, as much as that ride kind of hurt, it was still one of the best rides ever. We rolled all the fun stuff on the north side, and a few folks headed to the south loop. I went back and got cleaned up and grabbed a beer. I was cooked, but had a really big smile on my face.

Saturday night was the beer tasting, they had a few other events scheduled, but they got rained out. In fact it rained all night long, which made packing up in the morning that much more fun. It worked out OK, we hit the road early so I was able to make it to Rob's moving away party. Rob has landed a job in Boulder and is leaving this week. I will miss Rotten, and I wish him the best. Plus we now have a place to stay in Colorado when we head out.



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