Monday, June 07, 2010

Not What I Was Hoping For...

I was able to get out and ride the Iron Hill course several times leading up to the race. Each time I rode I felt pretty good. So, I was hoping for a good day and possibly getting in 8 laps. I got a good start and was sitting fifth heading up the prologue. The pace wasn't that fast and I felt good, then I clipped a stump and dropped my chain, shit. The whole class passed me while I fumbled with my chain. Once I got going I chased and was able to pick up a few places before Fuzzy's, I even managed to pass a couple of people on Fuzzy's. By the time I hit Bone Shaker, almost half way into the lap, I was back in the top 5 and still feeling good. I knew I had 4 hours to work my way up, but I had go with the good legs. Just after tissue hill, towards the end of the lap, I dropped my chain again. After repeated attempts to put it back on, I found that a link was broke.
I dig out the chain tool, and a quick link I happened to have on me and fixed the chain. In the mean time I was passed not only by my class, but also by the masters.

So I chased again, big mistake. with the temps. in the mid 90's and high humidity, my efforts to try and get back in the race were not working. In fact I think I was going backwards.

During my 2nd lap, I tried to clip my right foot out and it wouldn't come out. My cleat had spun, you have got to be kidding me. I am off the bike again trying to straighten my cleat. I finished my second lap and Tom fixed the cleat for me and I went out for a third. By now any good feelings I had were gone, I was going to be lucky to 6 laps let alone 8. The worst part was the Mega Dip hadn't opened up yet. I was really ready to just sit down and start drinking beer, but I headed out for a 4th lap. I had lost sooo much time it was silly to keep racing. I decided to finish my 4th lap and ride the Mega Dip one time then call it a day. That is how my race ended. I was pretty bummed to have good legs but bad luck. Oh Well, that's racin'.

Thanks to the whole Secret Henry's Team crew for all the support, and Heidi for the awesome cupcakes.

So now I am focusing on our back packing trip to the Adirondacks in a couple of weeks. Rachael and I are excited about our little adventure. It should be a great time.

Time to go for an easy spin.


Ben said...

Sucks you dropped your chain... Thank you again for helping me set up the course and for the support.

JenBob said...

backpacking? ADK? do tell.