Monday, June 14, 2010

Not My Normal Week...

Normally this time of year, when its dry and the trails are good, I don't touch my road bike. But this past week was a bit different. Monday I went out for an easy recovery spin on the road, not much, but enough to stretch the legs. Tuesday I hit some trails, legs felt bad, but I did a nice ride. The week before I saw that Victory was having a happy hour from 4-6, I asked Steve if he was interested, and he said maybe. Then I had a great idea. If we can get a ride home we could ride to Victory. Steve quickly got a hold of his wife Karen and we had a ride.
We left Steve's place around 2:15 and had a nice 25 mile ride to Victory, which we covered in no time. Unfortunately the happy hour was a bit disappointing, but dinner and Victory's newest beer Summer Love were really good.
A great ride indeed. Saturday I decided to do another road ride, keep in mind the trails were not muddy. Paul and Lisa led, Rik, Kurtee, Charlie and myself on a nice 60 mile ride into Port Deposit. We hit some roads I had never been on before, and I have to say I kind of enjoyed that ride, especially the 3-4 mile descent we hit, around here, that is a long down hill.

Sunday was back to the trails. We had a nice group at Fair Hill. Marc, Leo, Ben, and Jay joined me for a not so fast loop. My legs were pretty beat from the day before, plus it was hot and really humid, so I was happy with 2 hours.

Despite the excessive amount of road riding I had a pretty good week on the bike. Now I am focused on out trip Thursday. It should be a good time.


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