Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Almost Ready...

I have a few things that are almost, but not quite, ready. I am almost ready for the 24 Hours of Great Glen. It has been a while since I have done a 24 Hour race. I think the last one was 2005. I have done a few 12 and 13 hour races over the past few years, but this will be the first 24 in 5 years. I am excited about it. New venue and new team mates. We are racing 5 person open. I have raced with L Webb and Fatmarc, but never Jeb and Monkey. It should be a good time. Despite the issues some of us have been having, I know we will all race our best race, and that is what I love about these people.

I am also close to kegging my latest home brew creation. If all goes well this is going to be one hell of a beer. I can't wait. I just added the second round of dry hops. Next week I will cold crash it for a few days, then into the keg for 2 weeks, then I finally get to drink it. Should be divine.

Not much else going on, very hot and humid again, but hopefully that goes away this weekend. I might be headed here Sunday, but I am not totally sure.


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