Thursday, September 09, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding...

This past holiday weekend was going great. I did a 6 park recon ride from my house on Saturday. I had been wanting to this ride for a while, so I headed out to see how it would connect. I liked it a lot. There were a few stretches of road, but the longest was only 3.5 miles. I would like to see a nice group out when I put this out there, and see if we can't roll out 70 miles or so.

Sunday a few of us rode Brandywine, plus a little bonus loop. The trails were great. Bill Doh even came down for the ride. I hadn't seen him in a long time. It was good to ride with him again.

Monday I was really looking forward to. Steve and I were going to Bob's house and riding Downingtown and Marsh Creek. Bob was putting together a nice loop at D town, there was a lot of new stuff I really liked. He then told us about a little trail that had some steep drop offs on it. I wasn't to keen on this, I didn't want to take the chance of hurting my shoulder again. I decided I would check it out and walk it if need be. It was a really steep drop, not long, but bad enough for me to decide to walk it. Bob rode it, Steve scrambled down next. I was trying to get down it when I slipped and fell. The result was my shoulder dislocated again. I was pissed. Steve came over to help, but as soon as I laid on my back it popped back in. It hurt like hell, but not quite as bad as the first time. No hospital this time, and I managed to ride back to Bob's house. After a Hop Wallop and 4 advil, I felt a little better.

Now I have to decide if I want surgery or not. I was told by the doctor that if it came out again it would be necessary. I really don't want to be out of commission for 3 months or more, but I don't want to have my shoulder keep popping out. All I know is this really sucks. Oh well. I will talk to a couple of doctors and way my options. Until then, I will be riding, but probably on the road for now.


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mike said...

that is real bummer! Something else you could look into is Prolotherapy as a non-surgical option to help tighten/heal the stretched ligaments. They inject an irritant into the ligament to inflame it and stimulate a natural healing response. I know a guy that had it done on his knee/ACL and it helped him. It's not cheap but may be worth trying.