Monday, November 15, 2010

JT and A Nice Multi-State ride...

Lucky for me I had off Veterans day and so did Elk. We made our way to Jim Thorpe for a planned 5 or so hours. The weather was perfect, the trails were dry, but littered with leaves. We started by climbing Flagstaff, then we came down a newer trail, would have been a hoot if not for the leaves. We then made our way to Pisgah. Upper Pisgah trail is one of my favorites and I enjoyed every pedal stroke and every rock. It might also be the the most beautiful.
After we dropped off of Pisgah we headed to Broad and climbed up, rode a little of American Standard before we dropped off and headed for the car. It was a great ride,and Elk laid out an awesome loop.

Sunday Matty T and James came by. The plan was Rittenhouse, to Fair Hill, then play it by ear. Rittenhouse was great, then we made our way to Fair Hill for a little loop, then we decided to head to White Clay. At that point we ran into DenS. He rolled up the Boundary trail with us, then he and James headed out. Matt and I rode some more then headed back to my place for a couple of beers.

Other than that I spent my time working around the house.
I hope to have another good weekend of riding next week.


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Jenna said...

Happy holidays to all your blog readers!