Sunday, November 28, 2010

Todd's Big Day...

I first met Todd about 10 years ago. I remember trying to hang on the Tuesday night rides. It took a couple of years before I managed to actually survive one of those rides. I have been chasing him around since. Today was his 50TH birthday, and he called a ride from his place, followed by food and beer. The folks came out in droves, Matty T came up huge by stashing a cooler full of beer, pepperoni and cheese, Les, Slik Rik, DenS, Stew, Steve, L Webb, Ben, bike line Rich, once a week Paul, Fuzzy, Alan, Ted Logic and matt. It was quite the sight seeing the group strung out on the switch backs. It was a great ride, some say it was the best ride ever, I might have to agree.

Some high lights:
Matt crashing hard and taking some of the ball busting (literally) off of Todd.
Todd's early attack that led to a really fun section of trail.
Rik fixing Matt's chain really quick.
Todd's awesome chicken chilly.
Stew's bean salsa.
And Steve giving me a ride home.

Can't wait til' Todd's 60th birthday ride.


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