Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looking Forward To Good Trails...

Our weather lately has pretty much sucked for riding. It has either been too warm, too much snow, or too cold. I didn't ride all week. I did get out with a small group today at Fair Hill. Conditions were less than great, but we did manage almost 2 hours of tough riding. The best part of the ride was the sighting of not one but two Bald Eagles. They were perched in trees on opposite sides of the creek. I have seen one eagle before, but never two, let alone hanging out together.

I did replace the floor in our entry way. The plan was to do that when we remodel our kitchen, but it needed done. So I went with a temporary fix with the self adhesive tiles, quick and easy.

I also went to my friends place to brew beer on his new system. I can't thank him enough for helping me avoid being outside to brew yesterday.

Rachael and I have also been doing some hiking. I am trying to get some fitness for my trip to Mt. Washington next month. This means I wouldn't mind a big snow to try out my new snow shoes.

Well that is the past few weeks in a nut shell.

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