Monday, January 31, 2011

No Riding, Lets Try Snowshoeing...

I have owned these snowshoes for a few months now and this was me first real chance to try them out. Even though I have been to Mt. Washington in the winter, and carried a pair up and back down the mountain, I have never really put them on and hiked around. I have to say, it was a hell of a lot harder than I expected. I had planned on about 4-5 miles, but was tired and soaked from sweating after 2.5.

Despite the effort, the woods were awesome. It was a beautiful sight. I went out again Saturday, and dressed a little lighter. Legs felt good, but I still over heated. At this rate I am going to have to head out in shorts and a t shirt. Hopefully I can regulate this before Mt. Washington in 2 weeks. That would be a bad place to sweat too much.

I want to ride.




JenBob said...

snowshoes are a necessary evil.

though I'd rather carry them on my back than hike with them on my feet.

JenBob said...

by the way, current mt. washington summit temp is -15°F with windchill. I think you'll be fine.

but bring extra goggles just in case.