Monday, June 06, 2011

Iron Hill...

I had no intention of racing Iron Hill, but after a short conversation with L Webb, I was in. First off props to Dennis for putting together the best, and the longest Iron Hill course I have ever done. the weather was perfect, and the course was blazing fast. I decided to do the 4 hour Enduro single speed. The only problem with that is, Iron Hill is really bumpy, which made my rigid fork not the smartest choice.

We had a nice compound set up right on course which made feeds really easy. My goal was 5 laps of the 7.25 mile course. I felt really good the first couple of laps, and was cruising in the top 5, then my lower back started hurting. I thought a quick stop and stretch would help, it did not. My back just got progressively worse. Then on lap 5 I started cramping. I was surprised because it wasn't that hot, and I was drinking plenty. I finished my 5TH lap and decided to call it a day, despite having 20 minutes left to start my 6TH lap. In hind sight, I think I probably should have suffered through, but I did my 5 laps and was content with that. It would have meant the difference between 10TH and 5TH, but so be it.

Nice job to Marc and Travis for having a great race, plus they stopped to help Ben when he crashed out. I felt bad for L Webb who crashed out on her 5TH lap and called it a race. FSVS put on a nice race, and once again Dennis out did himself.

Not sure what my next race will be, but this one looks fun.

Who Knows,


thekettleblackest said...

Dude, what happened to that sweet Titus?!

Buddy said...

Oh, it was at home. I seem to climb a bit better on the one speed.

thekettleblackest said...

Ah...might have made things a wee bit easier on the back..