Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Hot To Hammer, Too Many Bugs To Stop...

It seems our area it caught in a nasty heat wave. Friday saw the heat index hit 120 degrees, and Saturday and today are not much better. Friday I stayed home from work to fix Rachael's car and avoid the parade of big wigs touring the shop.

Yesterday I rolled out of my door around 8:00am hoping to get in a few hours before it got really hot. I barely survived 2 hours. I tried again today with pretty much the same result. I met up with Todd and Stew at Fair Hill this morning. At 8:30 this morning the heat index was already 97. Despite a nice pace the heat got the best of me, so when Todd headed towards the ruins trail, I rode back home. I even ran out of water, I thought 70 ounces would have been plenty, guess not.

I will be spending the rest of my day in the A/C trying to rehydrate. The new keg of Stone IPA, should help.


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